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Personal Finance: I'm In Charge

Dear future me - this ongoing financial literacy series has set me up for success! It’s about being my best. About me enjoying life and being in charge. Planning my education. Signing a cellphone contract. I’ve got tips and tricks to save money and eat well. I see myself finding an apartment and paying my rent. Credit savvy and spending wisely.

It’s an investment thing. And it’s about more than money.

Treat your future self to a FREE online workshop on these topics and more.

A Best-Self Financial Literacy Series for Young People

Dear Future Me is a virtual and in-person series of interactive workshops by the YMCA of Greater Toronto, powered by Desjardins. Treat your future self to a free workshop, including a chance to win prizes. Gain a Certificate of Completion. View Workshop Calendar for quick and easy registration.

Workshops cover a variety of topics, activities and hands-on exercises. Topics easily relate to everyday life, including:

  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Buying and saving
  • Food
  • Finding an apartment
  • Cellphones
  • Investment
  • Credit

You can view the workshop descriptions on this page below the calendar section.

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We also deliver free tailored workshops to youth through community groups and schools. 

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Upcoming Workshops Calendar

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Workshop Descriptions

Transportation: On the right track

  • Explore the myths, realities and costs of different means of transportation and choose the one that’s right for you and your budget
  • Identify the factors that influence the type of transportation you take

Education: An investment for your future

  • Learn how to plan for your education
  • Explore and determine ways to pay for it
  • Learn about different grants, scholarships and student loans

Buying and Saving: How to make room for both!

  • Learn the key considerations of a well-planned purchase
  • Explore different ways to save
  • Identify the key aspects of being a responsible consumer and the specific role that savings plays in your life and goals

Food: Tips and Tricks to Save

  • Factor the cost of food into your budget
  • Spot the marketing strategies used in supermarkets
  • Find cheaper alternatives and ways to save

Finding an Apartment: Your Key Considerations

  • Learn about how to find a place to live
  • Evaluate different housing options according to your needs, your lifestyle and your ability to pay
  • Learn about the lease and a rental agreement

Cellphones: Getting a clearer picture

  • Know what to consider when shopping for and using a cellphone
  • Learn how to assess your needs based on your ability to pay and the available plans

Investment: Investing is about more than making money!

  • Understand the impacts of the financial choices you make
  • Start thinking about how to choose investments based on your profile and future plans

Credit: The more you know, the better

  • Understand how credit works, how it fits into a budget and how to use it responsibly
  • Learn about different types of credit cards, what they cost and how they work